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LOVING Crystal Angel…..My Angel of choice from the Kevin Murphy Colouring.Angels Range.

Ahhh yes! There is nothing quite like running my fingers through my soft, silky hair after I’ve used this treasure.

Having coloured hair means it deserves lots of TLC  if you want a healthy shine. Believe me, I’ve tried lots of products. Some make my hair feel heavy, limp and greasy.  Some simply don’t deliver anything worthy!…….IN CONTRAST this product absolutely works for me. Brightness, shine and condition!

Importantly, you don’t have to be a blondie to use this range. It’s created for all lightened or coloured hair!

The bonus is that there is nothing difficult about using Colouring Angels. I use mine once a week on freshly washed hair, leave it 3-5 minutes-ish and then rinse it out. It’s that easy!

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