Eyelash Extensions! I sum them up as TOTAL GORGEOUSNESS and rate them as one of my top beauty tips. While I don’t wear them all the time, when I do its magical. Keep in mind in this photo I am virtually makeup free but look at the impact of those lashes! Here’s a Lash Extension rundown:

Not all lash extensions are created equal! Be sure to go to Lash Technician with a good reputation who uses excellent quality extensions and glue. My go to place is Lash Noir.

  • Application takes around 1.5-2hrs for a full set depending on the volume you want. Relax and enjoy.
  • The technician should apply the lashes to suit the look you want and customise this to your eye shape! Glam…Fullness…Length…or a more natural look if that’s what you are after.
  • For me they last around 2 weeks looking full and lush. By the end of week 3 they start to get patchy.
  • The lashes should fall off with the natural cycle of losing your own lashes. DO NOT try to remove the lashes yourself. This may damage your natural lashes.
  • It is recommended that you go for an infill every 3-4 weeks but for me by week 4 I need a complete new set.
  • You should not feel the lashes at all. If you do, tell your technician.
  • There is nothing like waking up looking all glam and lash extensions give you bucket loads of GLAM.
  • They allow you to wind back the eye makeup and let the lashes speak for themselves.
  • The perfect get-up-and-go solution. Lash impact – TICK! Less eye makeup – TICK!
  • For me they are absolutely PERFECT when travelling and/or on holiday.
  • For lash care and health I use the RevitaLash Advanced Lash Growth Serum to protect against breakage while improving lash health, flexibility and strength.
  • I do reluctantly give my lashes a break from extensions to ensure maximum health.

Your beautiful new lashes need to be treated well if you are going to get good wear out of them.

  • Keep them dry as possible for 24-36hrs after application. Try to avoid steamy environments during this period too. The drier the environment the better.
  • Use oil free eye makeup removers.
  • Don’t play with your lashes.
  • Don’t rub your eyes.
  • Don’t use wipes or cotton pads on your lashes. The fibres are likely to get stuck in the lashes.
  • Clean them properly a few times a week with a foaming lash cleanser.
  • Speak to your technician if you have any concerns.


  • Make sure you are not wearing any eye makeup

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