BVlgari Le Gemme Zahira

I have been a fragrance fanatic since I was 7yrs old and have always relished the luxury of wearing a magnificent fragrance. Imagine how thrilled I was to add this 100ml Eau de Parfum gem to my collection. A heady and exotic fragrance presented in a stunning bottle that is a piece of art to treasure forever. If you love big, bold, floral oriental fragrances you’re sure to love this one.

Here’s how the experts describe this rich fragrance: Zahira, meaning “shining and luminous” in Arabic, is a radiant and fiery oriental floral Eau de Parfum that diffuses the glowing warmth of the desert. This golden fragrance opens powerfully with the fiery spice heat of royal cinnamon, to then unfurl into a heady, swirling heart of radiant ylang-ylang, a lively flower with rich tones as vibrant and luminous as the rays of the sun, sustained by voluptuous benzoin resinoid base notes. It radiates energy and bestows confidence to the wearer.

Buying a new fragrance is still exciting for me after all these years but this one doesn’t come cheap. I had to choke back a ‘how much?!’ screech when I heard the price. Add this one to your gift wish list or if you’re feeling indulgent go and indulge!

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