January 2019


Eyelash Extensions! I sum them up as TOTAL GORGEOUSNESS and rate them as one of my top beauty tips. While I don’t wear them all the time, when I do its magical. Keep in mind in this photo I am virtually makeup free but look at the impact of those lashes! Here’s a Lash Extension rundown:

YEP! Here’s how….It’s called ‘posting’ and if you ride a horse you will know exactly what this is. The desk version is to push down through your heels to activate your butt muscles like you’re bouncing. …it’ll keep you upright. This is fantastic if you sit at a desk all day. Trust me. I’ve tried it and it’s not easy but I can feel it working. Add this little butt firming gem to your list of ‘daily desk routines’.

BVlgari Le Gemme Zahira

I have been a fragrance fanatic since I was 7yrs old and have always relished the luxury of wearing a magnificent fragrance. Imagine how thrilled I was to add this 100ml Eau de Parfum gem to my collection. A heady and exotic fragrance presented in a stunning bottle that is a piece of art to treasure forever. If you love big, bold, floral oriental fragrances you’re sure to love this one.

This super delicious Sunday breakfast of a poached egg, avocado and mushrooms is in preparation for my Monday and Tuesday fasting days. Who would have thought that these 2 days could change your life so significantly. 

As a non-dieter I have found the process of fasting remarkable with Fat Burning being only one of the many benefits. My physical energy and mental clarity significantly improves when following the Super-Fasting eating plan. For more info to go What the Fat Book  and learn what this bestselling Low-CarbHealthy-Fat bible has to offer. The follow-up book – What the Fast! Is the ultimate guide to how Super-Fasting on Monday and Tuesday will change your life.

Retin-A: Commonly referred to as the ‘Fountain of Youth’ in a bottle

Ok we all want as many non-invasive, anti-ageing, ‘mini-miracles in a bottle’ that we can get. Do they really exist though?  Well there are few ‘gold standard’ products that most experts agree give measurable results and Retin-A is one of them.