What The Fast? This potentially life changing book  talks about unlocking the biology of ageing and becoming a Super Fat Burner! Got your interest?  Yes it certainly got mine too!

Whilst Super-Fasting seems to be in vogue, What the Fast is a truly fascinating book. Written by Grant Schofield (The Professor), Dr Caryn Zinn (The Dietitian) and Craig Rodger (The Chef) it describes the very latest in nutritional science, biochemistry and medicine combined with the very best behavioural science has to offer. Presented in a way that makes healthy eating doable and EASY, it’s a quick read that won’t leave you feeling baffled by science. In fact, it is highly motivational.

There is a long list of  Super-Fasting benefits but here are some key ones:

  • Effortless weight loss (YUP!)
  • Enhanced immune and brain functions
  • More mental and physical energy

IMPORTANTLY, do not embark on a Fasting Plan without seeking medical advice if you have a medical condition or are on medication.

My Super-Fasting Story

Let it be said here and now that I am NOT a dieter. Never have been! Am I careful with what I eat?  Yes, most of the time….. Do I have a sweet tooth? No!……Do I overeat? Sometimes……. Do I enjoy a glass or two of champagne or red wine? Most definitely!! Right, so how could I survive Super-Fasting and why would I want to?

The fact that I could be ‘Super’ at anything held a lot of appeal and when that was linked to Fat-Burning this whole Super-Fasting thing held appeal. Maybe I could move those annoying areas of fat that wouldn’t budge despite exercise (yes alright….infrequent exercise) and to put it bluntly, my darling husband needed to lose weight.

Admittedly I was very concerned that part way through Day 1 of my Super-Fasting I may be in jeopardy of wanting to chew on the leg of a chair or feel light-headed through lack of food especially as I was prone to hangry attacks. I needn’t have worried. I’ll explain:

  • With this plan you Super-Fast ONLY on Monday and Tuesday
  • You ONLY SKIP breakfast and lunch on these 2 days
  • The right nutrition is the key to becoming a Super Fat Burner
  • The basis of the eating plan is Low-Carb, HEALTHY-Fat
  • Delicious and easy to prepare recipes are provided in the book.
  • The meals are filling and sustaining!

What changes did I notice? Immediately there was a significant improvement in my energy levels, concentration and brain clarity. My stomach flattened, my digestion improved (no more bloating) and I experienced a feeling of lightness. By Week 3, weight loss was obvious. I was really happy but my husband was over the moon with his weight loss! He had never in all of his previous attempts with other weight loss programs been able to lose weight like this before.


Super-Fasting has become part of  our life and by only fasting on Monday and Tuesday we can easily fit this into our very busy and very social lifestyle.


TIP: On my fasting days I drink plenty of water and have one or two cups of black coffee with cinnamon and a dash of cream. That sustains me until dinner time.

EXERCISE:  Even though my husband has not exercised at all other than the very occasional walk, he dropped weight easily. I on the other hand I started exercising with more frequency when I began this plan mainly because I like to feel fit. I found I had no trouble at all doing a big weight-training workout on my Fast Days.

CAN YOU DRINK ALCOHOL?  How does Super-Fasting fit with my my penchant for red wine and champagne? Both beverages are allowed with this plan. What a relief!!!

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