October 2018


Silk.. My fabric of choice for any holiday destination where the temperatures soar.

I packed this gorgeous, off the shoulder silk dress by Yvonne Bennetti for my trip to Milaidhoo in The Maldives and it proved to be an excellent addition to my Resort Wear travel wardrobe. Apart from being lightweight this silk maxi drapes, floats and caresses the skin in a luxurious and very feminine way. What’s not to love about it!

Resort Wear Luxury by Alice & Trixie

Ready to go for sunset cocktails in my luxurious silk top from Alice & Trixie New York. No ironing needed. Light! Colourful! Easy to wear! Absolutely PERFECT for travelling. And did I mention NO IRONING needed!!

A little about this brand: Alice & Trixie, who I’ve mentioned in my ‘Faux Fur For The Freeze‘ post, is a New York based brand which celebrates designer Angela George’s passion for bohemian glamour, vibrant prints and rich solid hues that offer effortlessly chic silhouettes.  Angela believes that when a woman is wearing something that she loves, she radiates. She designs for the feminine, chic, sexy and most of all confident woman. I have to admit that every time I slip this top on I feel AMAZING!! Hubby loves it and it’s guaranteed to draw loads of compliments. The colours are perfect for me so my skin literally glows when I wear it and it’s floaty enough to add that special touch of femininity.


Faux Fur JacketJust love me a bit of Faux Fur when the mercury drops! This bold beauty, called the ‘Bowie’, is by  Alice & Trixie New York . It’s an eye popping, show stopper that lifts any outfit to another level.  Whether pairing Faux Fur with jeans or sleek outfit, its one of winter’s must have fashion staples.

The Alice & Trixie website well worth a visit especially if you have travel plans.  Based in New York, the designs are inspired with ‘bohemian glamour’ in mind. This means beautiful, colourful clothing using luxurious fabrics. Chic and sexy!


What The Fast? This potentially life changing book  talks about unlocking the biology of ageing and becoming a Super Fat Burner! Got your interest?  Yes it certainly got mine too!

Whilst Super-Fasting seems to be in vogue, What the Fast is a truly fascinating book. Written by Grant Schofield (The Professor), Dr Caryn Zinn (The Dietitian) and Craig Rodger (The Chef) it describes the very latest in nutritional science, biochemistry and medicine combined with the very best behavioural science has to offer. Presented in a way that makes healthy eating doable and EASY, it’s a quick read that won’t leave you feeling baffled by science. In fact, it is highly motivational.

There is a long list of  Super-Fasting benefits but here are some key ones:

  • Effortless weight loss (YUP!)
  • Enhanced immune and brain functions
  • More mental and physical energy

IMPORTANTLY, do not embark on a Fasting Plan without seeking medical advice if you have a medical condition or are on medication.